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About Us

A growing trend in web-based solutions has been the fragmentation of services that are essential to successfully execute projects. Designers are independent from database creators, who are again separate from the content providers and the marketing strategy experts. This leaves the client having the act as project manager in a field where it's not always clear what the next steps should be.

TriSera was formed in 2008 to reverse that trend by providing our clients with a single destination that delivers complete website and data management solutions. This integrated approach allows us to provide a seamless service that encompasses website design, data capture and analysis, content creation and marketing strategy. Each project is carefully managed by our lead project manager, who ensures that the highest standards are maintained, the solution is delivered on time and within budget.

How we work

Each TriSera project formerly begins with a Requirements Meeting with the new client to determine the goal for the project and then carefully set the path that will get us there. This meeting allows us to gain insight into our client's business, and helps us make precise design and technology recommendations. All creative and database aspects will be discussed.

This meeting is instrumental in the creation of a project roadmap, which lays out the progress and sets milestones to help monitor its progress. Once the roadmap is approved, our clients are kept fully involved with the project and its progress.

The TriSera Principals

Our ability to provide this complete level of service stems from our combined professional background that covers all aspects needed for successful website and data projects.

John Van Horn (Creative Director)

During his tenure as a Creative Design Team Leader for a major Central Florida theme park, John was responsible for the development of numerous web sites and web based business solutions. John was also responsible for conceiving and designing complex simulation-based training systems for attractions operations. Before joining TriSera, John ran a successful web-design business and was responsible for developing a web based solution for EA Games.

Paul Mungall (Director of Business Development & Technology)

As a former 'Global Champion for Technology' for the Entertainment department of a major theme park in Central Florida, Paul takes the lead in planning all TriSera projects. He has extensive knowledge in the fields of Technology & Business Management, Budgeting, Process Efficiency, Business Continuity Planning (Disaster Management) and the Application Development/Deployment & Support Life Cycles. He is dedicated to delivering value for money and believes that Client satisfaction is Job number one.

Hugh Scrafton (Account Director)

Hugh has managed multiple accounts for national companies, including Pulte Homes. He has worked with clients to create marketing and advertising strategy, and has ensured they were successfully executed.